Have you decided, “I am going to buy a new house”?  If you have, you will need valuable insights. You have probably ask yourself “How do I choose the right realtor”? You might even ask yourself, should I hire a realtor?You will need to ask yourself, what do I need to know before I begin the process, among many other factors. In the United States, realtors are real estate professionals who have become members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). You will need to know that they have gone through the required amount of schooling, obtained the proper certifications, and work in a real estate profession, but not all realtors are the same.

Do your Homework and Confirm Credentials

Everyone hears the terms “realtor” or “Real-Estate Agent”, but they are not the same; they are used interchangeably, but are truly different categories. Real estate agents are licensed to assist others in purchasing, selling, or renting property—something that realtors may or may not do, depending upon their profession—and while most real estate agents and realtors go through the same training and licensure programs, not all real estate agents are members of the NAR. This means that they don’t necessarily abide by the same ethical standards.

Real-Estate Agents May Specialize in Different Fields

The term realtor only refers to professionals who are members of the NAR. They’re not confined to showing property, laying out cookies, and putting up signs. This is again why it is important to ask yourself, How do I choose the right realtor? They take on a number of different roles in real estate, many of which also span different markets and industries. You will be surprised by the amount of diversity and opportunities available to them.

Realtors are property managers, brokers, appraisers, investors, and even developers. Some of these careers require various levels of schooling and certifications, but they all fall within the category of realtor. You will find the right home, but must find a realtor that specializes or has experience in the area that matters most to your needs and goals.  Any respectable and reputable realtor will advise you, even if it means sending you to someone else for help.  If this is something you need help with, just ask. An easy way to get the help you need is to fill out a brief contact form here. The right support will be provided by Jimmy Willingham.

It's All About Relationships - Choose Wisely

Just like everyone else in the world, realtors come with their own quirks. Each individual will have their own personalities, weaknesses, and strengths. They also have different levels of experience. Realtors follow a different set of business practices, and they have a different set of standards. They each bring something unique to the table, which may or may not fit their potential purpose. The happiest buyers and sellers exclaim “I will hire Jimmy Willingham”!. A wise decision is hiring a realtor that cares more about your success than your business; which is why seeking guidance from Jimmy Willingham is the right move when you want the best possible outcome.