A Personal Change of Station (PCS) move can be extremely overwhelming. As one of the larger military cities in the country, military relocation in San Antonio is very common.  Lack of preparation means the risk of being unhappy with your final living arrangements. It also means you might not get what you really want. It is estimated that Joint-Base San Antonio (JBSA) averages about 4,500 customer shipments between May and August alone! With so many things at play, it is advantageous to hire a native of the area like Jimmy Willingham.  In fact, if time is something you don’t have a lot of to begin with, you can get ahead by reaching out now by clicking here.

Decide How Your Things Will Be Moved

When you receive your PCS orders, you have two options. You can move your things on your own, using a Personally Procured Move (PPM), also known as a Diddy move, or you can have the military ship your things for you. The choice is dependent on your personal situation, and there are pros and cons for both.

Types of Military Relocations - PPM or Shipments

If you choose to have your things moved yourself, the military will reimburse you for the cost of moving your things. If you work fast, and you plan your move properly, you might even be able to make a profit. Military shipments are more of a matter of convenience. Maybe you won’t be available to hire your own mover or get a truck. If you choose to have the military ship your things for you, they will reimburse you for any damaged property. However, property inventory is necessary to prevent potential losses.  If you don’t document it, there’s a chance it won’t be replaced or reimbursed.

Be Prepared and Don’t Forget to Hustle

The military is what it is and uncompromisingly so. As with all things, they will want you to move fast, have your things ready, and complete a pile of paperwork. For real-time assistance in a military relocation in San Antonio, contact the Joint Base San Antonio Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO).  You can contact them online at http://www.move.mil and quickly book their moving dates. They may or may not be available, so you will have to plan everything accordingly.